Here Comes the Sun

Sunny skies

Sunny skies

Hello Friends!!

I am terribly apologetic for my recent absence from the world of blogging. Week two in Aarhus involved a visit to the famous Aros art museum featuring art by the one artist I follow, Ron Mueck, check him out! Naturally, I wandered about the city and was utterly amazed by the vibrancy that every new thing seemed to have, as new things often do. However, I must say, it was a hard week. Week one is busy with adjustments and settling in and everything is hitting you at once; you go go go. Week two, it kind of hit me, where I was, how long I would be there, what I would be missing, who I would be missing, and how much I would miss them. I also was feeling sick in general, presumably my body adjusting as well. It was a rather dark and rainy week, as they often are here, and I was just feeling drained. Friday had been valentines day which was the first time homesickness reared it’s head, as it is traditionally a day for me spent with my closest friends and my family, my Dad always got me flowers, tiny presents sometimes exchanged. Now I am not one for the traditional valentines day, which is solely used to celebrate romantic love through the man presenting the woman with copeous amounts of ridiculous gifts ad gestures, with no reciprocation at that.However I appreciate it in my own way, simply as a holiday used to take extra time to show the people you love that you love them. A reminder, of sorts. Anyways, such a day just really makes you miss being surrounded by those people, and also makes you appreciate them that much more. However, it could have been much worse, and I took myself out to a nice meal and bought some records, always a pick me up. The following Saturday, I was invited to take part in my floors late Christmas feast/celebration, which was tonnes of fun and featured many traditional Danish dishes that were delicious, including a new way to cook potatoes which I am certainly bringing back to Canada. This night included drinking copious amounts of Schnapps, which everyone was shocked that I didn’t hate. However eating and drinking together is a fantastic combination as you do not get sick, weo go Danes!! It was plenty of fun and I am certainly lucky to be living with such welcoming people. That Sunday I had a lazy day as I was exhausted. Monday (Yesterday) I went on a mission to go to a certain cafe that also offers yoga (Vegan curry AND yoga in one place? yesplease). However mission failed as I am pretty sure this place does not exist. I ended up eating at a place called Mo&Fro which I had visited one time before, best soup ever (I will be soon writing a post on being a vegan/ gluten free in Aarhus, stay tuned!). I was however able to see new areas of the city, buy a few clothes, and most importantly /where the name of this post derives from, IT WAS SUNNY. I am sadly one of those people that requires sunlight in order to be in a pleasant mood. I easily fall victim to winter-blahs, and it is absolute magic what one day in the sun can do for a persons disposition. So here I am today, at a Tuesday morning 8 o’clock class, with dark misty weather outside the windows, feeling much more at ease and content. My jet leg is also finally subsiding, along with my irritated throat and upset stomach. I am extremely blessed to have some really great support from home, and having that contact means the world to me, even as I am having new adventures and a new country, so thank you! I am however in a class on Religion and Mythology in the Viking age, so I should probably get to that. I promise to be more on my blog after this, because I know you all are just hanging on the edge of your seats to hear about my wild and zany mishaps, so I will try not to disappoint, haha!

Hope you are all well, much love to whatever corner or the world you find yourself in!

– Amy xx


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  1. Hi, Amy! Missing you here in Nova Scotia but love hearing about all your adventures!! Can”t wait to visit you in April 🙂

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