Don’t stop me now

Hello friends!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, this is my first post from my new laptop! IE: I have a lethal combination of clumsiness and bad luck. However this one is much more travel compatible anyways, I am going with it needed to happen. And the Danish keyboard can just be a souvenir of my time here! Haha, worse things have happened. 🙂 Hope you are all well. I have been busy on adventures around the city, checking things off of the list in the Aarhus section of my lonely planet. The waterfront has become one of my favorite places; I have always loved the water. Sea, lake, river, you name it. Kind of has a way of being calm and chaotic. I have been to The Viking Museum (FREE) which was a interesting insight to how these fascinating people have lived long ago. What makes it just the more fascinating is that this museum is constructed on the actual site of an archaeological excavation where the artifacts featured in the museum were found. Also this little store called the decorate shop, I wanted to buy everything! However I escaped with just a few trinkets. I have plans on visiting the two university museums tomorrow, along with possibly a trip to the mall as I have some mail to prepare.Today I went to the small organic health shop to pick up some avocados and did a bit of shopping around in the area today, and made the tragic mistake of wandering in to the Marc Jacobs store downtown. Why would I be so cruel to myself? A fucking tshirt costed about half the price of my brand new touch screen laptop, and a dress costed more. MORE. Bat shit crazy y’all. Admittedly though, there were a lot of gorgeous things. Namely shoes. However, I could use that money to go on about 3 weekend trips around Europe.. So thanks but no thanks Mark Jacobs, I will be moving along now. Speaking of weekend trips; I am off to Italy next weekend! Four days, flying into Milan, then Florence for a night, then Rome for two days, then back to Milan to fly back to Copenhagen to get the train back to Aarhus. More on that trip when the time comes though, just in the process of securing my places to stay and connection trains right now. I also am in the process of planning a trip to Spain/Portugal for my mother and I when she comes to visit on my Easter break. Along with that, looking at a weekend in London, the Netherlands and Germany. Really whatever deals I can come across. The whole process of planning a trip, booking it and low price searching, review checking for hostels and other services, I find it all extremely invigorating and exciting.  Truly enjoyable. I am looking forward to writing about every aspect of my trips and maybe will be able to offer some helpful information for future travelers pursuing the same destinations as I. However if not, I sure enjoy the hell out of at least writing about it for my beloved friends and fam :). So until then, I will be nose deep in travel guides and websites making sure I catch everything- when you only have four days to travel you have to be a bit more vigilant. Anyways I suppose that is all I have to say for today, I am going to be getting to a page on eating vegan in Aarhus here soon. Promise!! I will be around to update you all of adventures here soon, a few sights planned for this weekend.

Lots of Love from Aarhus;

-Amy Tattrie


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