23 Things Only Travelers Will Understand

Thought Catalog

1. You remember getting your passport in the mail and being filled with excitement over all the possibilities of where you could go now.

2. Every time you make a purchase you secretly think about what that could pay for while traveling. $20 dinner = two nights in a hostel. $5 Starbucks coffee = 11 plates of pad thai in SE Asia.

3. You’ve learned to cut back on talking about travel with your friends who don’t travel, only because you know it’s annoying and you don’t want to be THAT guy.

4. But when you do talk to your friends who travel you guys can’t stop gushing to each other about all the places you want to go and cultures you want to experience someday.

5. You regularly use #wanderlust, #travel, and/or #traveling on your Twitter or Tumblr posts.

6. Even though it’s cliché, you really do feel like…

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