Took my chances on a big jet plane

Hi Denmark

Hi Denmark

Hey y’all!

I had intended to start blogging on here at the airports and such, maybe even a little before I left, but as it turns out an hour layover in Heathrow doesn’t mean sit and sip some Starbucks while you wait at your gate for your flight to get in; it means you better RUN from point A to point B, hoping that security doesn’t take over the time of your layover. Of course my boot got stuck in the middle of the security scanner, stealing about 6 of my precious minutes as all the security was busy, assumingly keeping things secure. When my boot was finally retrieved, I made it to the gate, I shit you not, just before the gate was closed. Just to hear that my carry on was too large and needed to be checked, however she assured me that was no issue or of no cost to me, and had her colleague take it away to God knows wear. Having had an airplane lose my luggage once on a flight to Ghana, it is understandable that such a situation would make me a bit apprehensive. However it had to be done and I was ready to sit down, so I shrugged wandered on to find my seat where I could then settle and indulge in reading Lord of the Rings. After my third smooth flight of the trip (three cheers for British Airlines!) I blazed through the airport anxious to ensure all my belongings for my 5 month stay in Denmark had arrived safely with me. Thank god all was there and safe, and I was ready to grab a taxi and settle in somewhere. So I attempted to access the WiFi through my tablet to let my mom know I had safely landed, and WiFi wouldn’t connect so I thought I would give her a quick call so she wouldn’t have a panic attack right then and there. Reaching into my backpack for my phones designated place, and it does not seem to be there. After a thorough searching of all possible places it could be, it dawned on me; I had most certainly left my phone on the plane. While this wasn’t a huge deal as I have always planned on getting a Danish phone upon arrival, it was very unsettling having no ways to contact anyone at the moment and well, my iPhone was still on a plane somewhere (proper authorities have been contacted and my phones fate is still uncertain). So I stumbled out to the taxi deck, just waiting to get to a bed to plunk down. After a short confusion with  taxi driver after saying yes please which is supposedly similar sounding to a place in Copenhagen, I got in a taxi and made my way to the Comfort hotel which I would be staying, maybe not the best buy but I figured all my other traveling would involve hostels and well I hadn’t slept in 48 hours. Come to find I had a two pronged Canadian adapter for my three pronged computer charger, ohboy. Also FYI, you put your key card in the fancy little “main switch” slot on the wall beside the door when you first come in. It allows you to turn on heat and use lights. Do not suffer in darkness and cold for hours before asking the front desk what the fuck is wrong as I did. Ohwell, everything worked out fine and today I visited a Fotex (Danish supermarket of sorts) and obtained a replacement computer charger and all is well. So here I am, Sunday at one in the morning starting my blog as my computer was without a charger all yesterday. I bus to Aarhus tomorrow early in the morning to settle in my room, with school starting on Tuesday. The last few days have consisted of wandering Copenhagen, which is a gorgeous city that I cannot wait to visit more in depth when I am not suffering from exhaustion. I have an endless amount to say about my trip so far as of three days since leaving home, yet time to sleep is becoming precious and my yawns are coming more frequently.

Hope you (whoever you are) are safe and sound in whichever corner of the world you are currently residing in;

With all my love, goodnight! xoxoxo