I’ll send all my loving to you;

Just kidding though, because I suck at mail.

So today, I set off to the closest post office to mail a package home. An impressive feat at it was, considering I went for a run earlier and unknowingly chose a route that was seriously hill after hill and then, some more hills. Not the steep but quick hills, the minor inclines that NEVER END kind of hills. Anyways I hate people that talk about their exercise via public forums, so I am just saying this to drive home the point that to go out in the dark gloomy weather to walk 15 mins there and back with a heavy backpack took motivation. I arrived at the mall, already feeling accomplished and excited to get this load of junk out of my room, ha. I made my way to the post office without even stopping at Vero Moda. Picked up two post cards and the box I needed, and went up to pay. However, my card did not work; the post office lady then informed me they only accepted Danish cards. I shit you not, EVERY place I have been so far has accepted my Visa. All the way down to a sketchy corner store that one would be surprised even had working lights. I managed to find the 90kr for the box and post cards, and then went to situate my things. After getting everything ready and filling out my postcards, I realize, well shit, how am I supposed to pay for stamps and shipping, I seriously have NO kronos left. After shortly considering ripping into the envelop containing the set of different coins I was sending home for my dad, I decided it was best just to take my box and walk to the nearest ATM, just outside of the mall. After dodging some very aggressive traffic, I made it to this magic machine that has so far allowed me to avoid the hassle of getting a Danish bank account. Anyone want to make any guesses as to where this is going? Place a bet with the person next to you? YEAH. The ATM was out of order. I then decided to just buy something cheap at the Fotex, hoping to get cash-back. That didn’t work for me either. So here I was, with a big ole’ box in my backpack, and no money to mail it. The only other ATM I know of where I can get Danish kr with my Canadian cards was completely in the opposite direction past where I am living. So I decided to call it a day, as by the time I got the cash out and got back to the mall, the post office would be closed. So I sadly headed home, and decided to give my mom a video call and tell her of my troubles. I proudly presented her the box I was going to send, and she so kindly pointed out I forgot to write her name, and put the postal code in the wrong space. IN MY DEFENSE, THIS POST OFFICE STRESSES ME OUT SO HARD. So, I suppose it wasn’t all and all a negative that I could not send it, as it may have never arrived. So now my game plan for tomorrow is to go to this ATM and get lots of Kronos, as I need money for laundry as well. THEN go to the administration building to get a fancy little laundry swipe card, then go to the mall/post office to send this god forsaken package.

SO FRIENDS, my advice;

1) ALWAYS have some of the national currency of the country you are in on you at all times, whenever you are getting low, get some more. Do not wait until you have “a bit” because you never know when an ATM is going to fail you.

2) DO NOT assume that your visa is a magical card that will be accepted in whatever place you happen to go. It is not and sometimes the most surprising places (like a post office) will not accept it.

3) Try to have your shit together before you get to the post office; Writing three post cards and shoving 4 different packages into one box on the side table at the post office is not a good idea. They will resent you. It’ll be busy. (You’re excused from this if you were not planning on getting these post cards and had never considered buying the box in advanced and bringing the box intact- but you will do that next time.)

4) Do not freak out, it is no big deal, and just because the lady at the counter was a bitch does not mean you need to feel dumb. You’ll get the hang of it.

5) Laugh at yourself; it is all an adventure in the end.

*** NOTE: it is not advised to wait in line just to get them to weigh your package and see if you can count the extremely small change in your wallet and have the perfect amount. I opted out of this as you should as well. Protect that last shred of dignity.

I am writing this post one, because it is kind of funny, and two, because at the time such little mishaps can seem so huge and defeating when you are built up to accomplish something. Do not sweat it. This might sound like such a minor thing to discuss but just to all those out there in a relate-able situation, involving international mail or what-have-you, it is okay to get frustrated but do not be hard on yourself! 🙂 Things have a weird way of working out. Even if you almost sent your mom mail… without her name on it. We all have those days.

stay golden etc etc,

Much Love from Aarhus;

-Amy xox